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Apple Macs – Do they need anti-virus software?

I often hear people claiming that Apple Macs don’t need any anti-virus software. I even saw a so-called expert on the TV saying just that. Unfortunately it just isn’t true.

Whilst it is true that the Apple Mac operating system is structured in a way that offers better default security than most Windows based machines, there are still risks of attack. For some time the majority of home and office computers have been Windows based, and it has therefore been Windows that offers virus writers the biggest target. Mac use is however increasing at a steady rate, and they are therefore becoming a more attractive target for the virus creators. There is a variety of malware that works cross-platform and Apple Mac users are just as able to suffer the consequences of a phishing scam, virus attack, dodgy email or unsafe website.

It’s therefore essential to protect yourself, whatever machine you use, and there are many free products available to help you stay safe online. There really is no excuse for going online without an up-to-date anti-virus/anti-malware solution in place on all of your kit, and that also applies to mobile devices.

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