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Microsoft Teams – Some handy tips


Did you know that the Search bar at the top of the Microsoft Teams application can do quite a bit more than just search for things? It’s also a very handy command bar, and there are a lot more useful things that you can use it for.

Try some of these:

  • /files – Shows a list of your recent files, and allows you to search for specific files.
  • /unread – Displays any unread activity, enabling you to get straight to anything that you may have missed.
  • /call – Quickly calls someone just by typing in the start of their name.
  • /busy or /available – Lets you quickly change your status.
  • /whatsnew – Gets you up-to-date with what’s new in Microsoft Teams.

You can get a complete list of these commands by just typing / into the search box.

There are also a large number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use within Teams, to navigate around like a Pro. To get a complete list of these from within Teams, just press the CTRL and full stop keys together.

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