IT Services

Thorne Consultancy Services is pleased to offer a variety of ICT services to support your business, whatever its size or location. For more information or to discuss your requirements without obligation, simply get in touch via our “About” page.

System Design

If you are starting out, then you may need some help with identifying the best solutions to support your business needs. As an independent consultant we are able to offer you unbiased advice, which could include recommending low-cost solutions where these offer a suitable alternative to expensive commercial or subscription-based systems.

Project Management

To ensure that your project runs successfully and delivers the business benefits that you are seeking to achieve on-time and within budget, we can oversee your project from start to finish. Whether you need help defining the scope or timeframe of your project, or help with managing multiple work streams, staff and contractors, we can help you with planning, management and monitoring of the whole process.

Data-Centre Design and Services

Whether creating a new data-centre, upgrading, expanding, re-locating or re-arranging an existing data-centre or server room, or seeking some technical and practical guidance and assistance, we can help. From single-server environments, to high-availability data-centres, we can offer impartial advice and support, to ensure that you can achieve the right technical environment to support and grow your organisation. We can even help you to untangle a mess of patch cables and inter-rack connections, improving the reliability, safety, air-flow, power consumption and longevity of your existing installation.


If you or your staff need training, we can help. From basic IT skills, to comprehensive Information Security and GDPR compliance training, we can tailor a bespoke package of training and supporting materials to meet your requirements.


With any IT system, things can sometimes not behave as expected, and occasionally equipment and systems can fail. We are able to offer a number of support options to help you in these situations. Often we can resolve your problems remotely, but we can also provide on-site support and assistance.