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As an independent consultancy, we are often asked for advice on products and services. There are some products that we consistently recommend, as they solve a specific problem really well, or because we think they are a great product. As a free of charge service, we’ll maintain a list of a few such products on this page.

From time to time we also find great low-cost deals on software or services that we’re happy to recommend. As another free of charge service you’ll find details of these on this page, together with links to the deals.

In the interests of transparency, we may receive commission from sales resulting from some of these links, however our integrity and independence comes first, and we will always favour products and services that we believe are worthy of a recommendation, rather than ones that pay a commission.

Secure Email

Email is now an important means of communication for most people. From paperless billing or banking to keeping in contact with friends and family, the efficiency and low cost of email has seen it take over from traditional post for many purposes....

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Backup and File Sync

Most of us now use more than one computer/device. Few things are more frustrating than a file that you’ve been working on being on a different device when you need it. Fortunately, this can be resolved by using an application to synchronise...

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Secure Portable Storage

Whenever taking data from place to place, it’s essential that you keep it secure. Password protecting files is not enough. Most organisations (and the ICO) require that data is encrypted whilst at rest, and whilst in transit. By encrypting your storage, you...

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Password Managers

It’s really important to not use the same password on more than one site. With hundreds of passwords to keep track of, you really need to use a password manager. This is an application that looks after your passwords for you in...

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