As an independent consultancy, we are often asked for advice on products and services. There are some products that we consistently recommend, as they solve a specific problem really well, or because we think they are a great product. As a free of charge service, we’ll maintain a list of a few such products on this page.

From time to time we also find great low-cost deals on software or services that we’re happy to recommend. As another free of charge service you’ll find details of these on this page, together with links to the deals.

In the interests of transparency, we may receive commission from sales resulting from some of these links, however our integrity and independence comes first, and we will always favour products and services that we believe are worthy of a recommendation, rather than ones that pay a commission.


Ever wanted to print a poster that’s bigger than the printer that you have access to? Well this free software can enlarge an image and split it over multiple pages. It’s a simple solution that’s great for creating impressive posters and artworks, all completely free, with a version for most operating systems.

Throttle Pro

This product is a great way of cutting down on junk email, and keeping your main email account clear of mailing lists and other clutter. Throttle Pro enables you to create unique and disposable email addresses for any website. Emails to these addresses can be accessed through your personal Throttle Pro account, and are easy to browse and manage at your convenience.


This is a great tool for creating all manner of professional looking visuals. From banners to posters, infographics to leaflets, this tool makes them all easy. Pixelmodo comes with access to a massive catalogue of images and quotes to help you to build impressive looking graphics.


You can never have too many options for keeping backups of your data. Zoolz offers you 2TB of online storage for life for a very reasonable one-off cost. The 2TB is split between 1TB of fast instant vault storage, and 1TB of cold storage for archiving. Zoolz uses Amazon’s AWS for rock solid reliability.

iStorage encrypted USB sticks

These are a great way of keeping your data secure when you need to carry it. Compatible with just about anything with a USB port, the encryption is hardware based, using an on-board keypad for entry of pass codes.