The end is nigh

With only two uploads of this we mark the end of tip or trick of the week because Mario oddysey is not as popular any more so the only thing I can say is

RIP Tip or trick of the week
We will remember you
Normal uploads will continue next week
By the gaming legend team

Super Mario Party

Hi, welcome back to

Today we are going to be talking about Super Mario Party for the Nintendo switch. Enjoy!

So if you don’t know what Super Mario Party is, it’s a competitive party game where you roll a dice trying to collect coins and stars. To get stars you need to win coins by playing minigames, e.g “Dust buddies” and “Off the chain”.

Nintendo will also be adding a mode called… “Toad’s Rec. Room”. To play this mode you will need two Nintendo switches! In Toad’s Rec Room two switches will be combined to play some AMAZING minigames. I do not know the name of any at the moment but I will soon!

You will be able to play as loads of fan favourites for example Peach, Mario, Bowser, Wario, Yoshi and more!

That is all that I know for now. I will be back with more information soon and will get the game when it comes out.

See you next time and enjoy making you and your friends GAMING LEGENDS! Remember this blog was made by the gamer for the GAMERS.

By gaming legends

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New sponsor

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Super Mario Odyssey Trick of the week

I apologise for not making another of these for a while (I have been looking for ideas!)

Without further delays the super Mario odyssey TRICK of the week is….
This the most powerful trick in the game and can get you the most distance in the entire game WOW!!!
This is tricky so beware! need to ground pound roll need to slide your fingers from y to x as fast as you can by a ledge 
Enjoy becoming a GAMING LEGEND

How to make a fun fake game and console (special)

Geometry Dash review

Geometry dash is a music platform jumper game made by Robtop  Games.

There are more than 20 levels that are full of rage and fun.

I have been playing this game for 4 years, wow!

There are some secrets in the game so be on the lookout! Finally the final level is fingerdash and it is so hard I can’t beat it!

This quite a simple game so there is not much more to say 

Hope you enjoy becoming a GAMING LEGEND!

From Adam

Super Mario Odyssey review

Super Mario odyssey has been out for a long time so I made  a super Mario odyssey review enjoy!


The aim of the game is to stop Bowser from marrying Peach, no surprise there.

But Mario has a new ability CAPPY! CAPPY can be thrown by Mario Also he can capture enemies e.g Goombas Paragoomba also you can become Bowser!!!

The game is another sandbox like Mario 64 super Mario sunshine

Now for the review…

I think this the next generation of gaming because the graphics and everything, they also added some new enemies!

My favourite kingdom is the metro kingdom. It is a big city the graphics are amazing

In conclusion Nintendo you are amazing you are geniuses!

Cut the Rope is free online.

As you may have noticed cut the rope is quite expensive on Macs and laptops. Do not worry because it is available for free on free online game websites all you need is a internet connection.

Type “free online games” into Google or Bing then click on one and type “cut the rope” (or try to find it in the homepage) then you have cut the rope for free.

Share this with friends and make you and your pals GAMING LEGENDS!

From the gaming legend owner Adam