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A common scam is doing the rounds again. If you get an email out of the blue from one of your friends saying that they need your help, be cautious. It may not have come from a friend after all…

Scammers send an email from an address almost identical to that of a friend. They say that they are in trouble and need your help. If you reply, they then send you a sob story about how they’ve been robbed, or been involved in an accident, or are trapped in a foreign country.

Whatever the story, they need your money to help. Naturally, any money you send goes straight to the scammer and not your friend (who is unlikely to know anything about the request and is probably absolutely fine and doesn’t need your help at all).

It’s horrible to see criminals using people’s emotions in this way, but they’ve probably learned that it pays.

If you get such an email, don’t reply. Just contact your friend directly, as it’s likely that more of their friends and contacts will have also received the same message.

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