Secure Email

Email is now an important means of communication for most people. From paperless billing or banking to keeping in contact with friends and family, the efficiency and low cost of email has seen it take over from traditional post for many purposes.

Whilst for many purposes, an account with your Internet Service Provider, Gmail or Outlook provides a perfectly adequate mailbox, such accounts rarely ensure confidentiality of communications. Gmail in particular, harvests information contained within your emails to target advertising. It’s Google’s use of this valuable data that enables it to provide the Gmail service at no cost for its users.

To ensure the privacy of your email content, you need to use some form of encryption, and an email provider that has no access to your email content. A number of such providers exist, but I’d like to recommend one that I’ve been using for several years. Posteo are a German company (Germany has one of the best Data Protection laws), and they offer an excellent webmail service for only 1 Euro per month. There is no free version, but it’s the very modest charge that enables them to remain advertiser free. Their ‘green’ credentials are superb, and I can vouch for their reliability whilst I’ve been a customer of theirs.

If you need a secure email solution, then find out more here.

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