Backup and File Sync

Most of us now use more than one computer/device. Few things are more frustrating than a file that you’ve been working on being on a different device when you need it. Fortunately, this can be resolved by using an application to synchronise your files between devices.

Even more important is the need to keep backups of your data. If your computer hard drive fails, a file is damaged or overwritten, or worse still your computer is lost, stolen or affected by cyber-attack, flood or fire, then your data could be lost forever. Keeping copies of your data on other devices, or backed up to cloud storage will help, as you will then be able to recover files in the event of a loss.

To keep files synchronised between computers, I can recommend the excellent GoodSync application. It’s a product that I use to keep several computers synchronised with each other, and with cloud storage.

You can find out more about GoodSync on the product website here.

In addition to the personal version, they also have a version for business users that can synchronise servers. You can find out more about that one here.


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