Are you struggling to think of secure passwords?

It’s important to use a different password for each site and system that you have an account for. Without this simple step, a single account being compromised in some way could easily lead to all of your accounts being compromised at once.

Criminals use “credential stuffing” to try any set of compromised login details against lots of different sites. As many people use the same password everywhere, it makes for easy pickings.

We recommend the use of a password manager to keep a secure and encrypted repository of your login credentials. This makes it easier to generate and use unique passwords for each site.

An interesting way of generating new passwords that are difficult to crack, is by using a password card from the site

On that site, you can generate a unique grid of random characters, arranged in such a way that you can create lots of unique passwords, but remember them with just a number and symbol combination. It’s worth a look.




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